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Never since the inception of international trade has the marketplace been witness to the kind of growth or competition that is present in today's global economy. The growth of the Internet and information technologies has provided you with an essential tool and resource that is capable of increasing your potential for market share, name recognition and global success.

If used correctly, anyone can generate a significant income in the international trade industry. Corporations, associations, organizations and even individuals can dynamically, effortlessly and effectively enter new markets, strengthen their position in existing markets and add to their revenue streams and distribution networks. Globalization will affect all of us sooner than later and no business, regardless of size, can afford to overlook the global marketplace.

Home-Based Business Opportunity...

Like the privileged few, I can give you instant access to the same knowledge that is legally and ethically making everyday people thousands of dollars. I will show you how to start up and operate your own home based business, as an international trade broker, with no investment.

An international trade broker, import export agent, is a match maker between buyers and sellers. Manufacturers of local products seek foreign distribution, and foreign manufacturers want to market in your country. To be successful in this business you will need to be able to find them, make good connections, and establish a solid business relation with these companies. My Broker Guide will show you how to make money as a trade agent without the need to handle any goods, raise or expend any capital.

Sell Your Products & Services World Wide...

For those looking for ways to expand their business into the global marketplace considerable advice and assistance is available at little or no cost. It is easy, through lack of experience, to overestimate the problems involved in exporting or get embroiled in difficulties that can be avoided. For these and other good reasons it is important to get the right assistance from the beginning.

Many companies begin export activities haphazardly, without carefully screening markets or options for market entry. Formulating an export strategy based on good information and proper assessment increases the chances that the best options will be chosen, resources will be used effectively and efforts will be carried through to completion. My Export Guide will help you in determining the best way to sell your products and services, world wide.



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